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Here is some of the work I'm proudest of, spanning copywriting, video, digital experiences, and audio.


Senior Manager, Production

Over three years, I led the standardization of ad offerings across Spotify's podcast studios and managed a team of producers who concepted & executed ad reads across Spotify's podcast studios.

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Gimlet Creative

Director of Sales Marketing

For two years, I led the team responsible for crafting every RFP response, developing new show launch packages and promotion strategies, as well as the project management of every ad, voice skill, and branded podcast.


Google Pixel

Creative Director

While at Mic, I pitched & executed the company's largest deal at the time, where Google Pixel sponsored our "Beyond Pride" LGBTQ vertical. The campaign included photo essays about small town Pride celebrations.


Captain Morgan

Creative Director

To support Captain Morgan's "Under 35 POTUS" campaign focused on getting millennials excited about the 2016 election in a cheeky way, I pitched & executed a contest where folks predicted the electoral map.


Microsoft Windows 10

Creative Director, Copywriter

Supporting the release of a new Windows OS, Microsoft sponsored a holiday gift guide. I led on the design of the gift guide and wrote the copy for all ten guides, each aimed at a different type of person.



Creative Director

To raise awareness for Subway's partnership with Feeding America, I pitched a "Good Deed Feed" that aggregated content about people doing positive things, including a video series and donation share for article shares.



Creative Director, Copywriter

Hasbro approached BuzzFeed looking for a platform to decide properties for its newest Monopoly edition. Under my direction, we created dozens of articles and a voting hub that resulted in an IRL, co-branded, board game.


Purina Friskies

Creative Director, Copywriter

With another creative director, we pitched & executed Purina's largest sponsorship to date, where we created a "Cat Internet" including 40 articles written from the perspective of cats and poking fun at Internet culture.


Virgin Mobile

Creative Director

For three years, I led on BuzzFeed's largest account, concepting and directing hundreds of posts. Many of these went "viral" and the partnership was nominated for multiple awards, including a Shorty Award.


BBC America

Creative Director

Another large account I managed was BBC America, where I created several executions—from my watching and documenting one of their new shows, to a headline generator that became a new format across BuzzFeed.



Art Director, Copywriter

In 2013 Ruffles had a new mascot to debut, "Ruff McThickridge," and I worked on the team with the winning pitch: a series of "gif comics" that I would ultimately help write and provide artistic direction.

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