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As the director of sales marketing at Gimlet, my role & team touched on every part of the business—from working with the CMO to build launch packages for our new shows, to developing creative concepts for each of our 200+ partners, to managing the execution of each of those resulting campaigns—including award-winning midrolls, voice skills, and branded podcasts.

In two years, my six-person team concepted or helped execute (or both) the ads on every one of Gimlet's 20+ podcasts, created 10+ branded podcasts, and three voice skills—including Chompers, which won a Clio and a Cannes Lion.

I was the first hire on the marketing team and in my time there, I built each of our processes from the ground up, worked with our legal team to draft new contracts, brought in new partnerships, developed new ad formats, and codified best practices that spanned editorial, sales, and marketing.

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Gimlet Media was honored by Fast Company as one of 2019's most innovative companies, specifically cited for our work in voice skills and podcasts created with brands.

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In 2019, we launched a new brand identity for Gimlet Creative, the in-house creative team whose marketing I oversaw. I worked closely with our CMO and our creative agency to develop our new look and mission. (Sadly, no longer live due to the acquisition.)

While leading the team, we launched more than a dozen branded podcasts (some white-labeled). I worked on many of their concepts, pitched them, and informed their launch strategies. My team also project managed the execution of them all.

Our voice skills and branded podcasts aren't the only productions that received wide praise—our midrolls running across all of Gimlet's shows frequently received press and had adoring fans. Some even bought a car because of them.

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