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Outside of my day job, my creative pursuits mimic the kind of work I've done in digital media, from viral BuzzFeed posts to my own podcast.

Working in the marketing side of podcasts for three years, it was bound to happen that I'd come full circle and make my own.


Since November 2019 I've been playing through every Pokémon game (a favorite series of mine) along with my friend and co-host, Tanner Greenring, and documenting our experience in a podcast.

I produce & edit every episode, and a little over two years in, we are the second-largest Pokémon podcast with several thousand downloads weekly.

I'm a huge fan and daily reader of The Economist magazine, and over the years I noticed how often its writers use puns and casually throw shade at world figures, both of which I admire.


So for several years I have been documenting them on a Twitter account, just for fun, and with a small (as it is quite niche) group of fans.


I got my start in digital media at BuzzFeed, and have written hundreds of posts there, many of which are no longer viewable, unfortunately. Over the years I have also written other pieces for other outlets or just for fun, focused on my interests like history and pop culture.

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