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2016 was a rather divisive year, not just across the country but even across demographics. Captain Morgan sought to not only show what unites millennials but to encourage them to get out and vote in the presidential election.

I approached their "Under 35 POTUS" message with a multiplatform execution that included articles profiling this generation’s future political leaders; an insightful video series where  a charismatic host traveled to four states to document the unique communities and perspectives of twentysomethings in each; and finally an interactive contest where we asked people to try to predict how states would vote in the election—including a prize for the closest prediction.

I directed the “Swing” contest's design, function, and wrote copy throughout, particularly playing up the fact that unlike the Founding Fathers, pretty much no-one else knows how the Electoral College works. Thus, the winner got to meet a “Founding Father” by seeing Hamilton on Broadway.

This partnership was a landslide win (unlike Mr. Trump’s), resulting in +10% brand lift and a couple of extremely happy new Hamilstans.

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