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I became the creative lead for BuzzFeed’s first “always-on” client, Virgin Mobile, in 2012. This was an interesting sponsorship where I worked alongside our Director of Creative Services and Virgin's agency, 1 Trick Pony, to pitch ideas and provide creative direction for weekly content, which was primarily centered around topical pop cultural events.

Together we created multiple BuzzFeed posts a week, all living here. Within a year we were nominated for a Shorty Award in the category of “Best Use of Social Media for Telecom,” thanks in part to “13 Celebrities Posing With The Old Versions Of Themselves,” which spawned a craze and was emulated across the web.

Aside from providing pop cultural commentary, I also worked to help Virgin Mobile any new product launches they were promoting. One such campaign was the “catsie,” a campaign where VML wanted consumers to have their cats take selfies (obviously). The best one a user submitted would receive a free Samsung Galaxy S5 as well as the honor of becoming the first #Catsie Spokescat.

To do this, we made several posts playing into the fun of cats and technology: “16 Animal Selfies That Just Can’t Compete With A #Catsie,” “20 Reasons Catsies Are Better Than Selfies,” “17 Things Cats Do Better Than Humans,” and of course, “The Definitive Guide To Taking A Catsie”—featuring all-original art by our awesome animation team.

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