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In 2013 Ruffles came to BuzzFeed looking to promote their new character, Ruff McThickridge, a Ron Burgundy-esque figure with a thick '70s mustache and the sensibilities to back it up. His devil-may-care attitude and the style of the time period (as well as Frito-Lay's budget) seemed like the perfect fit for us to pitch our first original illustrated & animated projects: a series of five gif comic strips using his character and promoting the famous ruffled chip.

I worked as the creative lead on this campaign, providing creative direction on the illustrations while also scripting the comics along with two other copywriters.

If the images aren't loading, you can view two of the comics below:

Ruff McThickridge In: "Chowdown at Crispy Corral"

Ruff McThickridge In: "Good Chip / Bad Cop"

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