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This was a "first-to-market" (we know the brands love that) execution where BuzzFeed partnered with Hasbro to make a new version of Monopoly. They wanted to use BuzzFeed's platform to host a vote that would decide what American and world cities would make it onto their upcoming game, "Monopoly: Here & Now." Being a lifelong fan of the game—almost embarrassingly so, I collected over two dozen as a kid—I had been closely involved with the pitch since the beginning.

To "advance to" the goal of driving votes for both American and global versions of the game, BuzzFeed's wonderful R&D team built a custom voting module, while I served as the internal project manager and as the creative lead, writing the majority of the content surrounding the hub (which can be viewed here).

I'm particularly proud of my post announcing the collaborationthis post pitting NYC against L.A., and the post about Wild Card Week.

The vote and its surrounding content got people so riled up that Belfast started its own Twitter hashtag campaign to try to get its residents to vote, and the Prime Minister of New Zealand even posted it on his Facebook wall. The campaign was a runaway success, with press coverage on sites like MarketWatchCityAMThe Drum, and Business Wire, and over four million votes cast in over 180 countries. And it's only $19.99 with Amazon Prime!

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