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After having been creative lead for Purina on a number of programs, in 2013 they wanted to take our relationship to the next level. They gave us expansive creative license to promote Friskies and let us go wild. The ideal situation.

I worked with one of our former creative directors on a pitch based on the fact that cats are everywhere on the internet—either in videos, gifs, or memes (have you noticed?)—but they've never gotten to fight back. We wanted to show what the internet would look like if it were run by cats instead. Thus, "Cat Internet" was born.

With nearly forty distinctive posts written from a cat's perspective, including a collection of "human memes" mocking the tone us humans use when making fun of cats, the day we launched BuzzFeed users had the option of hitting a Friskies-branded badge to feline-ify the whole site. All of this content still lives here and while most of the posts creatives made are more of "standard BuzzFeed listicle," we also have some custom illustrations and even a longform piece.

This execution was such a hit that BuzzFeed's former president and COO actually discussed it on Marketplace Tech.

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