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In early 2017, Google wanted to promote its new Pixel model, with a focus on its unlimited storage and its ability to automatically arrange user photos into distinctive collections. Taking into consideration Pixel's emphasis on the collective, its powerful camera, Google’s inclusive brand values, and the campaign’s timely June launch date, I proposed aligning Pixel with Pride Month. We created “Beyond Pride,” a sponsored popup section that aggregated Mic’s ongoing editorial coverage related to the LGBTQ community, as well as an accompanying co-created branded series, "Small Towns, Big Pride."

For these pieces, we sent a photojournalist out to document the Pride celebrations in unexpected places across America—Spencer, INBoise, ID, and Erie, PA—resulting in photo essays with original reporting and photography captured using a Google Pixel.

This execution is one I’m most proud of because we were able to tell a narrative of the people comprising a community most people associate only with big cities, and Google allowed us to tell it in an authentic way where it’s not only smiles but real people with real stories.

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