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BBC America was the first client I took on as my own back in 2011, and I devised and executed all their content on BuzzFeed from then till I left in 2016. Some of my favorite and most successful executions include:

The BuzzFeed Old-Timey Headline Generator," which was parodied the “BuzzFeed Headline Generator” editorial had made previously, but with a unique twist. To promote BBCA’s show Ripper Street, a crime drama set in the 1860s, I proposed moving the headline generator back a couple hundred years to show us what BuzzFeed headlines might’ve looked like in the 19th century.

A year before quizzes became the big thing on BF, I made “Serial Killer Or Cereal Inventor?” also to promote Ripper Street. This execution humorously played up the show’s focus on detectives and serial killers (the “big thing” in London in the 1800s) and filtered it through a uniquely BuzzFeed lens with both its pun-based humor and quiz format.

In 2014 BBCA wanted to promote the second season premiere of Orphan Black, where their specific request was to catch people up on what had happened in the first season. I pitched an idea to take advantage of what was then a new format on the site: the “megalist.” I would watch the entire first season in a single sitting and record all my thoughts on it in "93 Things I Now Know After Binge-Watching Orphan Black."

So I had to (read: got to) take the day off work and watch the whole first season (ten episodes, 45 minutes each) in one day. This post was also part of my inspiration for our suite of offerings tailored to Entertainment clients, which I put together later that year for BuzzFeed Creative's LA team.

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